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Barber & Mack

I opened Barber and Mack in 2010 the ethos has always been simple: nice haircuts for nice people, delivered in a stylish environment by people who are passionate about what they do. They have gone from one man and his dog to cutting the hair 1400+ of North Yorkshire’s finest every month.

How would you describe Barber & Mack?

Accessibly cool, friendly and the best barber’s in Harrogate!

What inspires you?

Lots of things. There’s no point being inspired unless you put that inspiration into action, progression is important, be better tomorrow than you were today. Be inspired by others ideas, appreciate those who are the best and learn from them. Keep moving.

What is it like working in Harrogate and what do you love about the town?

I love working near to my home, I love being able to see my wife and little boy at lunch time. I love that for a Northern town we have people who have moved here from all over the country. I even have several international customers which is great. I love that Harrogate is still a surprise to people when they first visit.

Your top tips for a first-time visitor?

Just wander around, get a feel for the place, have some lunch, have a drink, soak it in, I think Harrogate is a great place if you let yourself slow down and go with the flow.

Can you share a secret insider place / view / experience?

Harlow Carr Gardens, what a place to go and find some tranquillity and within walking distance of the town centre and they have a Betty’s take away – every visitor has to experience the Harrogate institution that is Betty’s tea shop.

Mike Mackinnon – owner Barber and Mack


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