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Cold Bath Brewing, a micro brewery with big ambitions

How would you describe Cold Bath?
We are a micro brewery and bar housed in an amazing space in the centre of Harrogate. The bar was originally a car garage. So the building naturally has an industrial look. We’ve added antiques and vintage furniture as well as old family photos to help soften the feel. Our friendly knowledgeable staff serve everyone from the young guys seeking out craft beers to old Jim who comes in every day for his two Pints. 
What inspired you?
Loads. Breweries like Magic Rock and Northern Monk inspired the Brewing side. My pal who I’ve seen grow from making alcoholic ginger beer in his kitchen to getting his cider in every brew dog bar in the world inspires the business side. The influence for the building comes from a road trip through California. Every small town I stopped at seemed to have a micro brewery in a unique space. But I suppose my biggest inspiration are my parents who were great publicans back in the day. 
What is it like working in Harrogate and what do you love about the town?
I love working here. Customers are so supportive  and really go out their way to champion small businesses in town. 
After driving a black cab in London for 15 years the thing I love the most is the pace of life. There’s enough going on to keep you entertained. Great independent bars, restaurant and shops but not the daily grid of living in a city. 
Your top tips for a first time visitor? 
Coffee at Hoxton North, Beer from Major Tom and The little Ale house. Italian food from Stuzzi and Brio. Men’s cloths from Owl. Women’s clothes from Bias and Violet. Glasses from Be spoke eyewear. Ice cream from Vanilles. Gifts from isle of wonder. 
Can you share a secret insider place / view / experience? 
I love a walk around Fewston Reservoir.  
Mick Wren – co owner Cold Bath Brewing
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