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Harrogate Homeless Project - Case Study

Will* has been known to the Harrogate Homeless Project for some years now and has had various stays in the hostel which have not worked out in a planned way. Will was keen this time to try staying in the hostel again after exhausting his options sofa surfing at different friends’ houses.

Will had been involved in some criminal activity which resulted in him receiving a community order in which he was given a curfew which meant he had to be in after 8pm every night. This was something that Will had previously struggled with, as he had trouble sleeping and following the hostel rules, however felt ready and committed to not re-offend. Will recognised where things went wrong in his previous stays, and committed himself to receiving the support he needed. Will was supported to engage with health services such as his doctors to manage his mental health and sleeping problems, and worked well with the treatments provided. He found that this helped him manage his behaviour a lot easier as he was better rested and was able to focus on daily living and engaging with the support from the hostel staff.

Will has not been employed for over 10 years, however after two months in the hostel, he decided he wanted to build on his skills to work towards this. He was referred to a partnership agency to support him to gain skills and employment and focused on his literacy and numeracy skills which he struggled with and found it interfered with his ability to manage in everyday life. Will was inspired to work with the agency to gain these skills, with the view to feel confident to work in the future. During this time, Will’s curfew was lifted, and by this point Will found it easier to follow the rules and stay away from things that he previously found caused him to offend.

Will expressed how he felt more confident and acknowledged all of the positive steps he had made, including having stable contact with his son, staying away from offending and being able to manage a stay in the hostel. Will engaged with the support in the hostel and following some training about tenancies, recognised that he was ready to move forward into independent living. Will now lives independently and is continuing to receive support from various agencies and has also recently secured his first job.

*not his real name


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